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Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday Thoughts!

Do you ever feel like life is whizzing by right before your eyes, another week goes by, then a month, then a season then a year. But you look back on that time and think what did I really do in that year!? I am another year older and yet i'm still doing exactly the same thing day in day out as I was a year ago!

These have been my exact thoughts a lot this year, in December I turned 25 and I feel like i'm stuck in a bit of a rut, me and J are still trying to save to buy a house, I am still working in the same job I have been in for 7 years and i'm not progressing anywhere which makes me feel a bit down and feel like i'm not moving forward in my life whilst time is just passing me by.

After feeling down and thinking about this a lot, I managed to come up with a list of things I have done in the last year, we got engaged, I visited some new places, more money was added to the savings account etc. My point is even if you don't think you have achieved anything there is most likely lots of little things you have done and those things shouldn't be taken for granted! 

Today I have complied a list of things to do to make you feel better if you are feeling a bit down or stuck in a rut!


1. Write a list of all the things you did in the last year that made you happy, be it a mini break away, a day out or even just spending quality times with loved one (I bet you did more than you thought)!

2. Look through your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts for the last year, look at all the things you did that year that you had forgotten about and all the photos you took that year.

3.If you feel like you want to move forward with an aspect in your life, be it moving house, moving jobs or just seeing more places, write down a heading of what you want to do and underneath list small steps that you can take to be closer to achieving this. Sometimes just writing it down makes you feel more positive and makes you feel that it is achievable!

4. Do something every single day that makes you feel happy. Have an hour just cuddling a loved one, buy that top from your wishlist, or eat your favorite food! When you go to bed that night, you can at least be content thinking of that one happy thing you did. 

5. Finally I know its cliche but just live life to the full, it does pass by quickly so you need to make the most of it, enjoy every day as much as you can and try not to worry about the trivial things. 

Have a good Friday! 

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