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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A mini break with your best friend!

Hi all! I have just realized that it has been over a month since I wrote a post! This is after promising to do a post at least once a week, but unfortunately I have had a month of being ill! I have literately had one thing after another, but fingers crossed I am finally feeling back to my healthy self. In the midst of all the illnesses I had a wonderful mini break in Majorca with my best friend!

Even though we have been friends since we were still playing with barbies, this is the first holiday we have ever been on just the two of us, and I would definitely recommend it. People are so busy with their work, boyfriends and other random events that its not often they get to spend some quality time with just their best friends. But trust me if you can find the time, use it and get away even if its just one night, spend some quality time together, have girlie chats that your other half pretends to listen to but wishes he didn't have to, drink all the cocktails, eat all the food and laugh until it hurts.

We chose to visit a place called Cala D'or in Majorca, we wanted somewhere quiet we could just relax and do all of the above, and it was an excellent choice. The town was picturesque and so relaxing, and the hotel we stayed in Ferrera Blanca Aparthotel was just beautiful, we went all inclusive, and spent most of the days by the pool or on the secluded beach and it was just felt so good, it was definitely needed and we are considering making it a yearly thing! Here is some pictures below. Sorry but not sorry if this makes you abandon your work/chores and go looking at cheap holiday deals!

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