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Monday, 6 February 2017

The pill and I

Contraception if often a subject most women wish to talk about but either don't feel comfortable talking about it or don't want to be judged. It's silly really because it is something so natural, most women are using contraception and its actually a good thing to be using it, so there is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about.

I turned 26 a few months ago and have been on the pill now since I was 15 (11 whole years)! In general my experience with the pill hasn't been too bad, I originally went on it because I suffered from bad acne as a teenager, it helped my acne and my period were a lot lighter once I started taking it. Over the years I have tried several different pills, some gave me headaches, some made me an emotional wreck and sometimes whenever I had health problems my GP suggested it could be my pill and changed it.

Now that I have been on the pill 11 years, I have read a lot about health risks of being on the pill for so long and it has me wondering whether I should stop taking the pill now and use different methods of contraception.

Part of me thinks it would be a good idea, I have read about people in my situation stopping the pill and feeling so much better from it, it could help my anxiety, it may stop my headaches and feeling bloated all the time and make me feel happier in general. But the thought of stop taking it terrifies me, it has been a safeguard for me for 11 years, I have practically never known any different and the thought of not knowing how my body might respond without it is pretty scary.

At the moment I am still deciding but if I make a decision I will keep you updated on my experience!

Has anyone else experienced going off the pill after a long time and how did you feel when you finally took the plunge?